Lakeside Cottage

This vacation home sits on the shore of a quiet bay just beyond the reach of northern Lake Michigan. Purchased for its generous lot size and location, the original house that stood on the property was slated to be completely demolished. Unhappy with previous plans that had been drafted for the new house, the homeowner called upon the aid of their longtime designer Kevin Serba for help. Under his direction, a new home was drawn up that possessed the open floor plan of a contemporary house, while maintaining the refined scale and intimate room sizes one would find in one of the century old cottages nearby. Classic materials were chosen for the interior backgrounds. Walls and ceilings were covered in tongue-and-groove paneling while floors were laid with thick, hand hewn boards. All interior millwork was to be painted white, while outside, materials such as cedar shingles, natural stucco and chunky field stones were selected for their classic cottage appeal. With the neutral backgrounds in place, the interior could now be brought to life. Painted furniture, vibrant fabrics and cheerful animal motifs were used throughout the house, playing to the homeowner’s primary request for bright bursts of color and whimsical creatures at every turn.